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Recruitment Case Study

I have recruited before for staff to join my business, Panthera Accounting, but not for a qualified individual to work with my clients.  I was a little concerned about how to handle the whole process. 

My team mean a lot to me and we have a great working relationship, so bringing anyone into a qualified role, needed to be something that was handled well. Anyone joining our team was going to have to be a real fit in every sense, not just someone who was qualified to do the accounts . Anyone joining us needed to have the same values and ethos as the rest of us.  Because of this, I fully expected to interview quite a few candidates before we got it right.

Jayne Johnson at Better People Ltd, came to speak to me in my office about the vacancy. We talked through the job description, she talked to me about the existing team, and our working practices, she asked me questions about every aspect of the role. Then she talked me through her process, how she was going to attract the right sort of people, her double interview process – once on the phone and once in person, and how she would present those candidates to me with interview notes and essential facts about the individual with recent earnings, what they were looking for, her observations about their attitude and personality etc.

Jayne was also helpful in pointing me towards setting out what my interview procedure was going to be, asking me what I would ask, what I wanted to establish, helping me set out how I would get the information I needed from the interviews. That was helpful because my interviews were going to have to be about so much more than if the candidate had the technical ability.

Jayne presented a great candidate to me for interview, and after two interviews here, one with me and one for her to meet the team, we have hired her. We are all so pleased and she fits so well with the team. Her values match ours, she has settled into the job really well and our clients like her too."

All I'd like to add is what an enjoyable experience  it is, working with Jayne at Better People  Her professionalism and attention to detail is exemplary and a recruitment process I had put off for some time became a seamless, simple, task with her guidance. I really appreciate all of her help in making this important choice go so well for all of us at Panthera.

 I would thoroughly recommend working with Jayne at Better People.

Tory Wagg – Panthera Accounting. 2016


NB: Since writing this case study - Tory has come back to me to add 2 further people to her team!

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